Google Chrome


Check: [[chrome:memory-redirect/]]

Some pages will shrink on a shift-reload, restarting the browser also helps.

Flash sound problems

Check the plugins:


Enable details (upper right corner)

If there are more than one flash plugin, disable all except one (the one that worked for me, was the official adobe flash player).


Install the extension "Vanilla Options" to handle cookies.

"It's All Text" alternative

Get it here:

Goto chrome://extensions/ or find it in the "wrench"-menu. Click options where you will find something like this:

For Edit with Emacs to work you need to be running an "edit server" on
your local machine. This is because extensions in Chrome(ium) cannot
directly start new programs. For Emacs users it is recommended you use
the use supplied native edit-server.el.

Save the file to somewhere visible to your your Emacs load-path and
add the following to your .emacs:

    (require 'edit-server)
For details about how to customise and control the behavior of the
edit server please see page on the Emacs Wiki.  If for some reason you
don't want to use Emacs you have a couple of other options available.

Other servers at the project site TextAid's Edit Server can be found
here.  Other edit servers may well exist, please let me know at the
project web site.

Nextplease extension

Great extension that maps the left and right arrows to prev/next page. It needs to be customized for each site you are using, but is is simple enough.


To get java in Debian 6:

apt-get install sun-java6-plugin

Or if you want to use another JRE, install it and link to $JRE_HOME/lib/i386/ from $HOME/.mozilla/plugins/ (yup it is the .mozilla dir, it's not a typo):

cd $HOME/.mozilla/plugins
ln -s SOME-PATH/ .

Don't forget to uninstall existing java installations (through the package manager)

Verify plugin here: ("Do I have Java").

Undo close tab