makes enough noodles for 4 bowls

Flour the dough generously and roll it out to the 3 setting on your pasta roller.

Cut the dough in half so you have two sheets of dough a little over 1 foot long and flour generously again.

Use the spagetti attachment to cut the pasta into long thin noodles, dusting them with flour as they are cut to keep them from sticking together.

Note: natron består af sodium carbonate decahydrate og 17% sodium bicarbonate

Bake baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate, E500) for an hour at 120-150 degrees C. to create a strong alkali powder:


You will need:

If you can, get it to about 1mm in thickness. If it starts sticking, get some more dry flour onto there.

Spread flour LIBERALLY on the surface, because if it starts sticking when we cut it, our ramen will be ruined.