What to do About Choice

The following is from the interesting book The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz.

1. Choose When to Choose

Try to review recent decisions and:

Try to make rules for decision-making: only consider two options etc.

2. Be a Chooser, Not a Picker

3. Satisfice More and Maximize Less

Think about where you settle comfortably, for good enough and think about how you choose there and apply that strategy broadly.

4. Think About the Opportunity Costs of Opportunity Costs

5. Make Your Decisions Nonreversible

6. Practice an "Attitude of Gratitude"

Learn to reflect on how much better things are compared to how much worse they could be.

7. Regret Less

8. Anticipate Adaptation

Be prepared:

9. Control Expectations

Lower expectations:

10. Curtail Social Comparison

Remember that "He who dies with the most toys win" is a bumper sticker, not wisdom.

11. Learn to Love Constraints